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Director Message

Khpal Kor Foundations Swat (KKF) started with 05 orphans in 1996 is now with the Grace of Allah Almighty expanded with its branches for Boys, Girls and established Khpal Kor Village in Swat. The KKF is providing family-oriented care and best quality education along with the community children. Another milestone is the establishment of Khpal Kor Nursing/Health Sciences College which will provide a platform for health professionals and thus will surely be contributing to society and to serve the motherland. Our aim is to establish a Khpal Kor University, which will surely be a great contribution for orphans and community students who will be providing quality education for all genders. Khpal Kor Foundation has its best transparency system and thus the organization is working with missionary zeal and that is the logic behind its success. The donors in Pakistan and abroad are the source of finance and thus the orphans of the Khpal Kor Foundation Swat are supposed to get the best care and quality education for all genders. We are thankful to our donors for their valuable contribution and hope that their further support will be continued in the future also, for the sustainability of the Khpal Kor Foundation. Sincerely, Mr. Muhammad Ali Director,Khpal Kor Foundation, Swat

Background of Khpal Kor Foundation

Quality Education, Accommodation, Food and Security For orphans

Khpal Kor Foundation is a reputable non- profit charitable organization registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961) with Department of Social Welfare Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has also been granted approval as NPO (Non-Profit Organization) under section 2 (36) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 read with Rule 212 & 214 of the Income Tax Rules by the Commissioner Inland & Revenue Zone -II at Regional Tax Office Peshawar and possesses Tax Exemption Certificate issued by Federal Board of Revenue-FBR. Khpal Kor Foundation also has registration as a charity organization with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Charity Commission under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Charities Act, 2019. Khpal Kor Foundation also has signed Memorandum of Understanding-MOUs with Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan for Orphans Sponsorship Projects while certification as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) has also been achieved.
The history of Khpal Kor Foundation dates back to October, 1996 when a group of spirited youths with support from local philanthropists laid its foundation to look after orphan children of the community. Starting with only five children, it has now turned into a huge success, imparting free of cost quality education along with boarding & healthcare facilities to hundreds of orphan children from across the region. Khpal Kor Foundation runs prestigious Schools & Colleges in Swat providing quality education from Nursery to F.Sc / Intermediate level with further support being provided to talented orphans to pursue higher education at university level. The orphans and destitute children are provided with free of cost quality education, accommodation, healthcare, uniforms, books, civvies and transport facility while students from well-off families pay monthly nominal fee covering the salaries of the faculty and supporting staff ensuring longer sustainability. Khpal Kor Village (A project of Khpal Kor Foundation) is a unique idea in Pakistan where residential flats have been constructed for small age orphans (Grade Nursery to Grade Three). In each flat 10 orphans (Boys & Girls) are accommodated, they are being cared by a highly educated paid mother and served by a trained Khala for cooking and laundry services. Each flat is consists of three bedrooms, a kitchen, a storeroom, washrooms and a drawing room providing family-style living environment to the orphan children. Khpal Kor Village also has its own primary school where education is provided up to grade three. Thereafter, these orphans are bifurcated to the boy’s and girl’s campuses respectively for on studies. The organization also busy in the construction of the Khyber Bank Auditorium at Khpal Kor Village compound, this project of Rs. 10 million has been approved by the Bank of Khyber under corporate social responsibility.

A series of unending success and development towards the peak is smoothly and slowly going to achieve the goals in the shape of new projects. The new and a unique project of ‘’ Khpal Kor Nursing & Health Sciences College ‘’ has been launched with generous financial assistance of (Rs. 150 million) approved by Chief Minister’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. By the grace of Almighty Allah, the constructed is under and it will start its function as a professional Institute in the area in the next couple of years. This will also provide a strong support to the students to take their career into next level and get valuable job in the future

Khpal Kor Foundation is the place which the orphan Children proudly call as their home. At Khpal Kor Foundation, orphans are provided Accommodation, food, clothing, education, health, sports, and all other facilities of life with love, affection, and care. The administration of Khpal Kor Foundation is educated and experienced, they maintain a disciplined yet friendly environment for the kids. The kids follow a proper timetable for study, meals, and sports activities.
An orphan’s monthly expense = PKR 12000 / $44

khpal Kor Basit Health Unit Inaugurated

6th Science, Arts, and Cultural Exhibition 2023



We use your donation of 12,000 PKR ($42) a month to change the lives of children in some of the most deprived communities in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Malakand Division, Pakistan. Your support means that we can ensure that they receive an education, food, healthcare, accommodation, medical support and the care that any child needs. These are basics that millions of children are deprived of and where your contributions mean that they are looked after and given hope for the future.


Annual report

Khpal Kor foundation projects

The Newly Established Khpal Kor Orphans Village Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Khpal Kor Foundation is dedicated to providing the best care we can for our orphaned children. We want to ensure that they can aspire to a future full of opportunities for a fulfilling life. Our aim is to establish a network of orphanages as Centers of Excellence where education and skills will enable individuals to achieve their full potential. A village that orphans can truly call home. The Village is now ready to host the Play Group of children.
Khpal Kor Village is a unique idea in Pakistan where residential flats have been constructed for small age Orphans (Grade Nursery to Grade Three). In each flat 10 Orphans (Boys & Girls) are accommodated, they are being cared by a master-level educated paid mother and served by a trained Khala for cooking and laundry services. Each flat is consists of three bedrooms, a kitchen, a storeroom, washrooms and a drawing room providing family-style living environment to the orphan children. Khpal Kor Village also has its own primary school where education is provided up to grade three. Thereafter, these orphans will be bifurcated to boys and girls campuses respectively for higher studies.

Saqib Raza Aslam, Commissioner Malakand inaugurated Khpal Kor Basic Health Unit

the newly Establsihed of Khpal Kor Basic Health Unit (BHU) under the Shadow of Khpal Kor Foundation. Khpal Kor Basic Health Unit, Provides free health facilities to the children of Khpal Kor and the residents of Sherarai Village. Now, they will receive proper care under the supervision of a qualified MBBS doctor and paramedical staff. the Chief Guest Commissioner of Malakand Division, Saqib Raza Aslam, inaugurated BHU newly Constructed Building.
Khpal Kor Basic Health Unit will offer free health facilities not only to the institution’s orphans but also to the Local Residents of Sherarai village. Sindh Medical College Pioneers Association appointed all staff and also supplied medicines for the Basic Health Unit (BHU). Additionally, they have committed to covering the operational expenses of the BHU. This generous contribution demonstrates their dedication to ensuring the success and sustainability of the health facility.

Appeal for orphans

Most of the orphans we support are poorly resourced, understaffed, and are facing lots of psychological problems. The orphan children need extra pairs of hands to help with the day-to-day running of the program. We urgently need your support in maintaining our aim and providing further opportunities for our supported children at home. Your attention and love for orphan children will in the long run make a real difference in the life of a vulnerable child. Whether you have a background in childcare or simply enjoy sharing love with kids, a smile can offer something meaningful to the life of kids deprived of love and care.

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Facts about Orphans
Orphans are more likely to live in poverty
Orphans are less likely to attend school
Orphans are more likely to suffer from PTSD after witnessing the illness and/or death of a caregiver
Orphans may lose their homes, belongings, and sense of security
Orphans are more likely to suffer from food insecurity, which puts them at higher risk of malnutrition, leading to stunting, illness, and poor academic performance. About 45% of child deaths are linked to malnutrition (WHO).
Orphans are more likely to be forced into child labor
Many orphans end up living on the streets
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