What We're Doing

Since 1996 Khpal Kor Foundation has been supporting thousands of orphans, changing the lives of children in some of the most deprived communities in the Malakand Division  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Home like facilities for orphans.

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Our Approach

Aims & Objectives

  1. To enable orphaned children to stand on their own feet and support their families and dependents.
  2. To provide orphans positive opportunities for constructive academic and co- curriculum activities in order to make them useful citizens of their country.
  3. To provide quality education to other children in the nearby community besides Khpal Kor Foundation orphans at reasonable fee.

— Our Mission

To provide orphans the opportunities that would enable them to become good human beings and productive citizens.


— Our Vision

To demonstrate that a peaceful and prosperous society is possible by providing opportunities to its most vulnerable segments.


— Our Goal

To provide due rights of the orphan and support them in attaining their full potential. 

Organizational structure

Khpal Kor Foundation is comprised of the following organizational committees: 1. General Body, 2.Executive Committee, 3.Sub Committees 1) General Body The General Body of Khpal Kor Foundation is comprised of life members and general members. Its meetings are held at the end of each year (January to December). Details of annual receipts and expenditures are presented and discussed in the meeting, and new proposals/suggestions are tabled for further improvements. 2) Executive Committee This committee comprises of all the office bearers of Khpal Kor Foundation, and includes certain general members. It holds meetings and consultations from time to time and considers various day-to-day operational issues of the Foundation. 3) Khpal Kor Foundation Sub Committees In order to ensure provision of better facilities to residents of Khpal Kor Foundation, separate committees, comprising of volunteers from the Foundation have been established. These sub-committes are charged with keeping vigilance on various activities of the Khpal Kor students – physical, religious, moral, school, technical and health education, lodging & boarding affairs and recreation.


General Body Members

Details of annual receipts and expenditures are presented and discussed in the meeting among the following individuals and new proposals/ suggestions are tabled for further improvements.

1. Rafi-ul-Mulk Khan S/o Kamran Khan R/o Mingora Swat
2. Dr. Naeem S/o Ret. Brig. Nawab Khan America
3. Muhammad Ali S/o Amanullah Khan R/o Manglawar Swat
4. Muhammad Rafiq S/o Delawar Khan R/o Mingora Swat
5. Haq Nawaz S/o Aziz-ur-Rehman R/o Mingora Swat
6. Shahid Iqbal S/o Muhammad Shirin R/o Mingora Swat
7. Nisar Ahmad S/o Sayed Muhammad R/o Mingora Swat
8. Shaukat Ali S/o Sher Badshah R/o Faiz Abad Swat.
9. Capt. Said Ibrar Hussain S/o Zahir Shah R/o Mingora Swat.
10. Eng. Sajjad Akbar S/o Akbar Khan R/o Manglawar Swat
11. Arif Zafar Architect S/o Zafarullah Khan R/o Gulkada Saidu Sharif Swat
12. Sher Muhammad Khan Advocate
13. Muhammad Sawar S/o Muhammad Khan Karak
14. Sher Baz Khan S/o Muhammad Hilal R/o Mingora Swat
15. Ikram Ullah S/o Haji Faramoze R/o Mingora Swat
16. Khybar Khan S/o Rafi-ul-Mulk Gulkada Saidu Sharif Swat
17. Muhammad Musa Khan S/o Amir Zada R/o Sujbanr.
18. Roshan Ali S/o Sher Ali R/o Rang Mohallah Mingora Swat.
19. Usman Ali S/o Muhammad Ismail R/o Collage Colony Mingora Swat.
20. Muhammad Ishaq S/o Asfar Mian R/o Saidu Sharif Swat.
21. Aurang Zeb S/o Shahjahan R/o Raja Abad Mingora Swat.
22. Siyab Khan S/o Lal Bahadar R/o Banr Mingora Swat.
23. Umar Ali S/o Khalid khan R/o Faiz Abad Saidu Sharif Swat.
24. Shah wazir Khan S/o Amir Zaman Khan R/o Amankot Swat.
25. Muhammad Ibrahim S/o Bakhti R/o sheratraf Saidu Sharif Swat.
26. Shahid Islam S/o Muhammad Hussain R/o New road Mingora Swat.
27. Taufiq Rashid S/o Dr. Rashid Ahmad R/o Banr Mingora Swat.
28. Zafar Ali S/o Sherin Zada R/o Bar Panr Mingora Swat.
29. Murad Ali S/o Fazal Mehmood R/o Landay Kass Mingora Swat.
30. Fazal Rabi S/o Muhammad Zaman R/o Rang Mohallah Swat.
31. Sher Ali Khan S/o Sahib zar gul R/o Landy Kass Mingora Swat.
32. Barkat Ali S/o Saiful Malook R/o Islampur Swat.
33. Ihsan Ullah S/o Behramand R/o Khawaza Khela Swat.
34. Shah Zada S/o Gulam Muhammad R/o Khawaza Khela Swat
35. Hazir Gul S/o Ali Gul R/o Islam Pur Swat.
36. Dr. Ahmad Hilal (America)
37. Dr. Nahid Hilah W/o Ahmad Hilal (America)
38. Anwar Mina Ullah S/o Lali main Said Mina Ullah R/o Park Tower Islamabad.
39. Taufeeq Rashid S/o Dr. Rashid Ahmad R/o Banr Mingora Swat.
40. Iftikhar Ali Khan S/o Sherin Zada R/o Sijbanr Matta, Swat.
41. Amjad Ali khan S/o Akbar Ali Khan R/o Mingora Swat.
42. Iftikhar Ahmad R/o Landay Kass Bangla Desh Swat.
43. Akhtar Ali S/o Fazal Ghani R/o Banglad Desha Amankot Swat.
44. Amjad Ali S/o Ali Rahman R/o Nishat Chowk Mingora Swat
45. Fazal Khaliq S/o Dilaram Khan R/o Amankot Swat
46. Mehmood Raqi S/o Muhammad Rafriq R/o Landya Kass Mingora Swat
47. Rasool Khan S/o Haji Laal Muhammad R/o Landay Kass Mingora Swat
48. Sher Ali Khan S/o Sahib Zar Gul R/o Landay Kass Mingora Swat
49. Sami Ullah S/o Ihsan Ullah R/o Mingora Swat
50. Muhammad Ayaz Khan S/o Mukhtyar Ahmad R/o Mingora swat
51. Zia Ullah S/o Jalil Ahmad R/o Mingora Swat
52. Ubaid Salman S/o Shoukat Islam R/o Ahengaro Dehrai, Mingora Swat
53. Muhammad Aftab Iqbal S/o Sherawan R/o Ahengaro Dehrai, Swat
54. Arshad Ali S/o Fazal Jamil R/o Mingora Swat
55. Qaisar Ali S/o Amir dad Khan R/o Saidu Sharif, Swat
56. Fazal Ghani S/o Mian Gul Jan R/o Gulkada Swat
57. Aftab S/o Khwaja R/o Shagai, Saidu Sharif Swat
58. Shah wazir Khan S/o Air Zamn Khan R/o Amankot Swat
59. Khair Muhammad S/o Said Sharif R/o Saidu sharif Swat
60. Amir Nwashad R/o Saidu Sharif Swat
61. Ghulam Farooq S/o Haji M Khaliq R/o Rang Mohallah Mingora swat
62. Khalil Ur Rahman S/o Amir Ullah Khan R/o Nawakaly Mingora swat
63. Shuja ul Mulk S/o Kamran Khan R/o Mingora Swat
64. Umar Ali S/o Abdul Latif R/o Minglawar Swat
65. Kamran Khan S/o Abdul Tawab R/o Mingora Swat
66. Ihsan Ur Rahman S/o Aziz ur Rahman R/o Mingora Swat
67. Irfanullah S/O Rahim Khan R/O Akhun Kalay Kabal Swat
68. Muhammad Essa S/O Amir Subhan R/O Sarkari Cham Islampur Swat
69. Hazrat Hussain Zaki S/O Gul Muhammad R/O Rang Muhallah Mingora Swat
70. Fazal Rehman S/O Muhammad Bashir R/O Shahdara Mingora Swat
71. Shah Zada S/O Ghulam Mehmood R/O Chalyar Khwazakhela
72. Gouhar Ali S/O Feroz R/O Bercham Islampur Swat
73. Yasir Azam S/O Ghulam Nasar R/O Sharif Abad Mingora Swat
74. Sardar Zeb S/O Saranzeb Khan R/O Lilonai Shangla
75. Ahmad Shah S/O Ahmad Jan R/O Panr Mingora Swat
76. Ikramullah S/O Habib ur Rahman R/O Mingora Swat
77. Hamidullah S/O Fazal Malik R/O Amankot Mingora Swat
78. Kamran S/O Yaqoot R/O Makanbagh Mingora Swat
79. Illum Khan Mingora Swat
80. Niaz Ali S/O Amir Subhan R/O Islampur Swat
81. Shafiq Ahmad S/O Fazal Nawab R/O Fateh Khan Khail Kokarai
82. Rehmat Ali S/O Muhammad Raziq R/O Ibrahim Khail Gogdara
83. Fazal Ali R/O Raja Abad Qazi Baba Mingora Swat
84. Muhammad Umar R/O Sangota Swat


Honors of KKF

1) European Commission through TVO Project.
One-year project (Primary School) received from European Commission (EC) through TVO and declared as model project through out Pakistan. Click to view the report

2) Selection as Member of Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal Appraisal Committee.

Khpal Kor Foundation given membership in PBM Appraisal Committee for working with best performance with Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal.

3) Recommended for King Hussain prize.
Khpal Kor Foundation recommended for King Hussain prize by the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government for its excellent performance.

4) Khpal Kor Foundation a model in the world scout movement.
Khpal Kor Foundation was founded by Swat Scouts Open Group. This is a unique activity initiated from the Scouting Platform across the world. Khpal Kor Foundation has received an appreciation letter to recognize this accomplishment.

5) Ashoka Award/ Fellowship for the Organizer of Khpal Kor Foundation.
Ashoka Foundation is a Washington based organization that supports social entrepreneurs around the world. Ashoka fellowship and stipends for three years period is awarded to selected social entrepreneurs. In 2005, the Organizer for Khpal Kor Foundation, Mr. Muhammad Ali was awarded this fellowship for his unique contributions to the social welfare of his local community clink on the link to view https://www.ashoka.org/en-us/fellow/muhammad-ali

Financial strategy

Internal Audit

The accounts from 1st January to 31st December are audited by the three best available accountants, who are nominated in the general body meeting from amongst its members.

External Audit

In an effort to promote transparency of the use of donor funds, the Khpal Kor foundations organizes an external audit of its financial statements for each year. In an external audit, a chartered accountant carries out audit for the period extending from July 1st to June 30th of each year. The audited financial statements are then made available online for general view.

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