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We welcome you to our office!

We welcome you to our office!

If you want to know more about us or our programs and projects! Or you want to know more about charity, zakat and donations! Or you want to volunteer with us for the services of humanity!
Then contact us today.
You will see Khpal Kor Foundation staff.

Your kind donations will bring smiles of the faces of orphans.

Donations may be deposited at the following bank accounts:

  • Bank: The bank of Khyber, A/C Title: Khapal kor Foundation , A/C #2063222037 , Bank Code: 0012, IBN:  PK14KHYB0012002006322037.
  • Bank: MCB, A/C Title: Khpal kor , A/C # 15458-3, Bank Code: 0280, IBN: PK24MUCB0028002010154583.

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Our office is a place where dreams are turned into reality.

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Farm Ground Makanabgh,Mingora,swat

Please write or call us with your questions or comments.

Street: Farm Ground, Makanbagh, Mingora, Swat
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Phone: +92 946 729211, 9240011



Focal Person Information

Khpal Kor Foundation
Cell # +92 (03018530411)
Email: mali_khpalkor(at)

IMRAN KHAN, Coordinator

Khpal Kor Foundation
Cell # +92 (03439630025)
Email: co.imrankhan(at)

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