Relief Activities

We the members of Khpal Kor Foundation are thankful from the core of our hearts to Mr. Fazil, Head of MSF (Belgium), for his initiation of the following relief services during the tense situation in District Swat with local support of Khpal Kor Foundation.

  1. Ambulance Service
  2. Casualty Service
  3. Provision of free medicine to the patients in hospital.
  4. Psychological ward establishment.
  5. Establishment of dysentery treatment center.
  6. Establishment of free medical camps on different points in the area
  7. Provision of food items and non food items to thousands of families.
  8. Setting up of water filtrations plant in Mingora Swat
  9. Members of Taliban blew up the grand station due to which supply of electricity to the whole city was affected. MSF responded immediately by providing generators priced in millions along with trained support staff with in two days.


Thousands of people would have died if MSF were not here and the above activities were not initiated. MSF therefore, deserves the highest attribution. This is the only international organization busy serving the people of Swat since the beginning of the Taliban crisis in 2007. In this regard, we the Ashoka fellows and other friends encourage increasing the activities of MSF. It has been and will continue to be a great contribution for the people of Swat.