Organization Structure

Khpal Kor Foundation is comprised of the following organizational committees: 1. General Body, 2.Executive Committee, 3.Sub Committees 1) General Body The General Body of Khpal Kor Foundation is comprised of life members and general members. Its meetings are held at the end of each year (January to December). Details of annual receipts and expenditures are presented and discussed in the meeting, and new proposals/suggestions are tabled for further improvements. 2) Executive Committee This committee comprises of all the office bearers of Khpal Kor Foundation, and includes certain general members. It holds meetings and consultations from time to time and considers various day-to-day operational issues of the Foundation. 3) Khpal Kor Foundation Sub Committees In order to ensure provision of better facilities to residents of Khpal Kor Foundation, separate committees, comprising of volunteers from the Foundation have been established. These sub-committes are charged with keeping vigilance on various activities of the Khpal Kor students - physical, religious, moral, school, technical and health education, lodging & boarding affairs and recreation.