Khpal Kor Hostel Daily Report System

A daily report is prepared regularly for every orphan child accomodated at Khpal Kor. Each child is evaluated in several respects by the relevant group commander and room monitors. This information is than presented in a report that serves as an internal record for the child at the school and is shared with the child's sponsor to keep them abreast of the child's progress. Children are evaluated on the basis of the following categories.

1) Absence in Morning prayer
2) Absence in Morning exercise
3) Missing school with reason for tardiness
4) Absence in noon prayer
5) Absence in religious education
6) Absence in afternoon prayer
7) Absence in evening prayer
8) Absence in night prayer
9) Absence or tardiness in breakfast, lunch and dinner
10) Blunders committed
11) Room cleanliness
15) Overall performance

This report is prepared daily by the Hostel warden. A special register and white board has been made for this purpose. At the end of the month a summary is prepared, and the best room of the month and best children of the month are identified and rewarded. These awards typically take the form of a local picnic/excursion for the winner room and stars of the hostel. Children identified as tardy on a given day are encouraged to be the best student in the following day in order to avoid the punishment determined for the act of tardiness. Children whose blunders regularly exceed the points awarded for being the best student are restricted from participation in excursions and extra-curricular activities. This method provides an alternative to physical and/or psychlogical punishment while helping maintain the discipline of the hostel.

Additionally, children are encouraged to compete with one another in several capacites: physical cleanliness, bed keeping, cupboard keeping, morality, obediency, punctuality, uniform cleanliness, care of bag and books, home work completion, room monitoring, and social work. Monthly, as well as, annual reports are prepared summarizing the child's performance across all categories and a special long tour to Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad is organized for best performance within each category.