District Child Assembly


District Child Assembly comprising of various talented students from different schools have been formed by Khpal Kor Foundation in November, 2009 with special aim to highlight different issues faced by the children in Swat through the regular session.


The core objectives of the District Child Assembly are;

  1. To create self-confidence among the children
  2. To build leadership qualities among the children.
  3. To highlight and raise their children’s right issues themselves.
  4. To address their issues in front of relevant stakeholders.
  5. To provide the children an opportunity to share their opinion regarding child rights issues.


Talented student form various school are selected for the District Child Assembly. Then election is held in which speaker, deputy speaker and secretary are elected through democratic election process for 1 year tenure by the members of District Child Assembly.
Members of the assembly are given trainings time to time in order to build their capacity for better advocacy of their issues regarding their rights.
District Child Assembly session are held on monthly basis so far 8 sessions have been conducted. The monthly session are organized as training session in which the members present resolutions for better representing in the grand sessions. The grand session of The District Child Assembly are organized twice in year in which different relevant stakeholders, representatives from NGOs and government line department are invited.
Members of the District Child Assembly present their issues in front of theses stakeholders inform of resolutions.


The resolutions passed by the District Child Assembly are processed from gross root level to up to the president/prim minter of Pakistan.
So far the progress/ achievement of the District Child Assembly is as below;

  1. As a result of the district child assembly resolution regarding orphans, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal approved an orphanage for 100 orphans with the name of Pakistan Sweet Home.
  2. District Child Assembly resolutions regarding corporal punishment, the education department circulated notification regarding bane on corporal punishment in the schools across the district.
  3. The issue of disabled children private building has also raised in form of resolution in which the government was demanded to construct permanent building the disabled children at Swat. The government has turned its attention towards the issue and started process on this demand.
  4. In the result of these resolutions there will be special facilities for the special persons in all newly constructed buildings of the police and other Department of Malakand Division and Govt. of KPK.
  5. From the platform of District child assembly the resolutions regarding child rights have been so for result oriented and appreciated by the stake holders and Govt authorities.
  6. The speaker of the District Child Assembly has effectively raised various children’s right issues through national and international media.