Annual Function

Annual prize distribution is arranged to distribute awards and cash prizes among the distinguished students and staff members of the school at the end of academic session. A grand function run and conducted by the students themselves is organized in which the parents, officials, and other respected personale of the community are invited. Students prepare different performances for the event, including Gymnastics and P.T shows. Annual awards are given to position holders in the following categories 1) Long tour 2) Best Naat Khwan of the year 3) Best Speaker of the year 3) Best Proctor of the year 4) Best Qari of the year 5) Best compare of the year 6) Best Actor of the year 7) Best Singer of the year 8) Best writer of the year 9) Best commander of the year 10) Best teacher of the year 11) Best descipliner of the year 12) Best student of the year 13) Most clean student of the year 14) Most obedient student of the year 15) Most punctual student of the year 16) First ,second, third position holders awards 17) Best house of the year 18) Best house master of the year 19 Best house commander of the year